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Email PR Mess – Word of Warning

Have you seen the latest brouhaha and email PR mess regarding the ousting of New York Times Editor Jill Abramson? Of course, this situation is more complex than just emails – featuring gender pay gap questions, style of leadership, who was promised what position and more. Full emails are being released, and showing up online, including […]

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Crisis Communications – PR Observations

Operating in ‘crisis communications’ mode is never fun. If only there were such clear warning signs posted like the one seen here so we could avoid negative press. It’s best to have a plan in place for your company or organization so you aren’t scrambling if a situation arises that needs to be corrected or finessed. These […]

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KOMO Helicopter Crash, Remembering a Colleague

It started with a text from my husband that read ‘someone said the KOMO helicopter just crashed near Seattle Center and cars are on fire.’ I immediately checked online, saw that it was true, and turned on KOMO radio, then the TV. My worst fears were confirmed – there were two fatalities. One of them […]

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Betz Family Winery Spring Release 2014

What a weekend for the Betz Family Winery Spring Release 2014! After taking a hiatus for the past couple of releases (due to busy schedules), we were able to volunteer again for this spring release in Woodinville. It was great to see all of the volunteers we’ve come to know over the past several years, […]

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KCSARC Tops 1000+ at Breakfast


KCSARC, the King County Sexual Assault Resource Center, topped 1000 people at its Annual BE LOUD Breakfast – celebrating the hard work being done to end sexual assault and the silence around it. In fact, it’s remarkable to note that this is the 25th Annual Breakfast for KCSARC, with community support at record levels. (Full disclosure – […]

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