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You have a message. I want to help you deliver it in the most effective way possible.

Media and Public Relations – With more than 20 years in TV news and public relations, I have extensive media experience, including with television, radio, print and social media. Let my team create a strategic media plan to develop your message, and share it with the right audience to gain positive exposure.

Leadership coaching and communication – I am fascinated with human communication and how we interact with each other. Using tools and assessments, I work with leaders and corporate teams to develop clear communication. This can be on an individual basis or with teams. Improved communication leads to increased productivity, improved morale, and increased effectiveness.

Executive presence and media coaching – What are you communicating about yourself to those around you? We often convey specific messages through our body language and tone of voice, and are often unaware of the impact we have on others, both positive and negative. I work with people to increase their confidence, create awareness about their communication style, and develop a memorable presence.

What’s Your Superpower?

Have you ever considered your superpower? I ran across this question in an article on MSN about CEO’s favorite interview questions, and it got me thinking — how would I answer this question? Most of us don’t think in terms of having superpowers, but if we take a moment to stop and consider what we do […]

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How to Set and Reach Your Goals in 2015

How to set and reach your goals in 2015 is ‘top of mind’ for many of us as we begin a new year. It’s a time for resets, fresh starts, and imagining new ways of being. Many of us make New Year’s resolutions, only to have them fall to the wayside by February or March. If […]

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Worst Fears? Public Speaking in Top 5!

Maybe you’ve heard of the new study from Chapman University on Americans’ worst fears. Turns out, it’s not just walking alone or a natural disaster.  Public speaking ranks in the top five! What is it about speaking in public that literally scares people? Most of us are afraid we’ll mess up somehow and be judged […]

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Email PR Mess – Word of Warning

Have you seen the latest brouhaha and email PR mess regarding the ousting of New York Times Editor Jill Abramson? Of course, this situation is more complex than just emails – featuring gender pay gap questions, style of leadership, who was promised what position and more. Full emails are being released, and showing up online, including […]

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Crisis Communications – PR Observations

Operating in ‘crisis communications’ mode is never fun. If only there were such clear warning signs posted like the one seen here so we could avoid negative press. It’s best to have a plan in place for your company or organization so you aren’t scrambling if a situation arises that needs to be corrected or finessed. These […]

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