The 7 C’s of Communication

7 C's of communication

Effective communicators keep these key points in mind when planning their communications.

Effective communicators often use the ‘7 C’s of Communication’ as guidelines when planning their messages, meetings and emails. Simple, clear and easy to understand communications are often the most impactful. Every interaction we have – whether with colleagues, customers or our superiors – can be improved by keeping the 7 C’s in mind.


Be transparent in your communications. Building trust with your audience counts.. especially in business. Once you’ve lost someone’s trust, it can be difficult to rebuild it.


We’re all busy. Brevity matters. People don’t have a lot of time for lengthy emails that don’t get to the point until the third paragraph. Don’t bury the lead. That’s goes for meetings, too. Keep comments on track and share pertinent information. Don’t lose someone’s attention with a story that isn’t relevant to the conversation. Keep it short!


Be clear in your messages. Make it easy to understand. As one of my journalism professors used to say, “Don’t use a quarter word when a nickel word will do.” If it’s an email, you’re writing for clarity – not to let everyone know how smart you are. A clear message helps comprehension.


Make sure your information is correct. There’s nothing worse than sharing the wrong information and having to go back and correct it. You’ll lose credibility. Keep communications as accurate as possible.


Think about the tone you are using – either in spoken or written communications. A lot of times, ‘tone’ can be lost in email, so make sure to re-read messages to ensure they’re received in the spirit you intend. You want to be courteous in your communications, and treat others the way you would like to be treated. Being courteous helps build better relationships.


Concrete messages or presentations are specific. They may use facts and figures to back up a specific point. Concrete communications aren’t vague, but detailed, and help build confidence in the message.


Coherent communications make sense. They’re logical and the information flows in an easy-to-understand order. They don’t ramble, but deliver the point that the sender wants delivered.

By following the 7 C’s of Communication, you ensure that your messages – spoken or written – are well-received by those with which you are communicating in the most straightforward, effective means possible.

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