I have a passion for helping people succeed. I love coaching, writing, making connections and new ideas. I love bringing people together for the right event, interview, or finding a new way to get across an idea, and see what new possibilities result for a business or an organization.  There are so many great people, products and business ideas in the Pacific Northwest, it’s exciting when we can expand their reach and influence to bring them more success, whether it’s an author’s new book, a company’s business expansion, or a major fundraising event for a non-profit group.

I grew up in Ephrata, in Eastern Washington, and graduated with honors from Washington State University with a BA in Communications – Journalism. In a varied career as a TV news reporter, anchor and producer, I have covered everything from the downfall of General Manuel Noriega in Panama with U.S. Army troops — to the Loma Prieta Earthquake near San Francisco — to the WTO riots in Seattle.  I’ve jumped out of planes, learned to scuba dive, flown with the Blue Angels, and danced with the Seattle Mariners’ groundskeepers – all in search of a great story.  I’m now pleased to help you share your story with others.