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Associate Certified Coach

ACC credential from the ICF

Executive coaching — Being an effective leader in today’s business environment is more complex than ever. Coaching provides a means of leveraging your strengths, identifying those habits that may have served us well in the past, and creating new behaviors to help us reach our goals and those of our organization. I am passionate about helping people succeed.

Transition coaching — having transitioned from TV news to professional development and coaching, I know firsthand how exciting and sometimes overwhelming it can be to create a new path. I coach people who are uncertain about their future role, helping them tap into their natural strengths and passions, so they can live the life they want.

Executive Presence and Media coaching — how you present yourself in front of an audience matters. Do you know what you are communicating? Body language, voice, tone, and the gestures you use — all work together to create a powerful impression. Make sure your physical presence matches the message you want to deliver. And if you’re a leader who is asked to represent your company in the media, learn the insider tips for successful media interviews – from answering difficult questions to handling yourself with confidence in front of the camera or microphone.

Coaching Philosophy

Coaching is ‘forward looking’ to help you identify and achieve what you want your life to be. The coach “leads from behind,” with you choosing the path forward, and we work together to find what might be holding you back from achieving your goals. The outcomes include determining your goals and vision, and identifying a plan with forward progress on action steps. As coach, I help hold you accountable to get you where you want to go! The idea is to create transformational change – not just a quick fix.

You already have the answers within.  You are innately capable and can draw on your own experience and skills to create a path that enables you to reach your goals. Coaching in its truest form, isn’t the coach giving advice or telling you what to do. It’s creating awareness around current behaviors, and drawing out the best course of action for you.

Leveraging your strengths. People who play to their strengths go far. Research shows that if you have passion for what you do, using your natural strengths, you will be happier and more successful. Identifying your strengths and honing them to increase your abilities will result in greater satisfaction, both in your work life and your personal life.


Being a communicator at heart, I spent more than 20 years in the TV news industry as a news anchor and reporter, working with collaborative and diverse teams in a highly visible, deadline-driven environment. My passion is around helping people succeed, and using my communications, interpersonal and coaching skills to do so. As a professional coach, my certification is from the Hudson Institute in Santa Barbara, California.

Hudson Institute of Coaching

Hudson Institute of Coaching

I also have my ACC credential from the International Coach Federation, and am a member of the ICF. In the field of professional development, I’ve helped create and teach courses to develop new leaders, define personal brands, teach networking, presentation skills, and improve team communication, in both corporate settings and for individuals.

What Clients Say

“Margo never came in with the attitude of “let me fix you” or “here’s what you need to do.” It was always a question that made me pause and think. She is a natural at communicating with people and making them feel comfortable.” NS, Public Relations Director

“Margo was my coach through a difficult career transition. She helped me on so many levels; from letting go of “the bad stuff” from my previous job, to becoming a more successful networker. Margo was patient, insightful, supportive and wise.” LT, Project Manager

Specialties: Executive coaching, transition coaching, media training, public relations, personal brand

Contact If you are interested in moving forward in your career or personal life, please contact me at, or 206-604-4535.

International Coach Federation

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