The 7 C’s of Communication

Effective communicators often use the '7 C's of Communication' as guidelines when planning their messages, meetings and emails. Simple, clear and easy to understand communications are often the most impactful. Every interaction we have - whether with colleagues, customers or our superiors - can be improved by keeping the 7 C's in mind. Credible Be transparent in your communications. Building trust with your audience counts.. especially in Continue Reading

What’s your Social Intelligence?

Have you ever considered your social intelligence? Most of us know about IQ, or intelligence quotient, and some of us are aware of EQ, or emotional intelligence. But what about your social intelligence? I am reading Karl Albrecht's book,  Social Intelligence, The New Science of Success, and am finding it fascinating. He defines SI as '.. the ability to get along well with others and to get them to cooperate with you.' How does that play into your Continue Reading