June Disappeared, Hopes for July!

This is what I WISH the month of June looked like! With me -- right smack in the middle of that warm sand getting ready to wade into some clear aquamarine water! In reality, June in Seattle was about as far removed from this beach as it gets! (When I posted the question on Facebook recently -- where did June go? I got some pretty entertaining answers, from it headed to Vegas, it headed east to Spokane, to 'Did we have June?') But the month was Continue Reading

On Being A Leader

What makes a great leader? I’ve been giving this some thought this week as I’ll be speaking, along with one of my business partners from GoGirl Academy, founder Suzanne Keel-Eckmann, to a class of young women leaders in the UW Foster School of Business this coming week. I think back to some of my best bosses over the years (mainly news directors and general managers of TV stations), and a number of things stand out. Here are some of Continue Reading

Consistency is Key

Being consistent. This topic has come up a lot recently, both in my consulting work, and with students at GoGirl Academy. For companies, knowing what you deliver to your clients and delivering that message consistently in a clear and concise manner, can make all the difference in whether you are successful, or --- not very. Your customers need to know what you are selling! In my consulting business, I 'sell' my ability to tell companies' stories Continue Reading

GoGirl Academy is ready for Dress Rehearsal!

Update: We have the location for our classes! They'll be held at the new Maxwell Hotel on lower Queen Anne in Seattle. Very cool location. We hope you can join us. Accelerating your success! This is a new venture that I've been working on with a few other talented and terrific people, including new mom, Jenni Hogan! We are ready to launch GoGirl Academy, the career advancement program for women who seek a competitive edge in the workplace. So Continue Reading