Being a Leader When You’re Not in Charge

How many of you aspire to lead - even if you're not in charge? Some of my clients who are working for that next promotion, or being assigned that next big project will ask me "what can I do so that I can move into a position of leaderhip?" There ARE certain behaviors that you can practice so you can be seen as a leader even if you're not the boss. In Karl Albrecht's book, Social Intelligence, he talks about two types of authority - formal Continue Reading

Leadership Questions to Ask

Effective leadership is important to any organization's success.  There are many different ways to lead, and one of the most important things is to choose a style that is authentic to you! People can see through someone who tries to be something they’re not. Such ‘leaders’ may find that when they turn around, there won’t be anyone following them. This post from John Baldoni at Marketwatch looks at 3 questions to put leadership into practice — Continue Reading

On Being A Leader

What makes a great leader? I’ve been giving this some thought this week as I’ll be speaking, along with one of my business partners from GoGirl Academy, founder Suzanne Keel-Eckmann, to a class of young women leaders in the UW Foster School of Business this coming week. I think back to some of my best bosses over the years (mainly news directors and general managers of TV stations), and a number of things stand out. Here are some of Continue Reading

Quieting the Noise for Leaders (Shhhhh)!

As I sit here on a Sunday morning --- ON MY COMPUTER -- it suddenly dawns on me, I need to get off my computer.  Business leaders, and even if you're not a CEO, need time to process information. And we all get too much of it in this day and age of social media, email, and the internet. A good article on quieting the noise, and why it's important. I came across this article from McKinsey, and it's worth a read if you find yourself never having Continue Reading

Women in the Workplace

I thought it was worth adding a link to the newest GoGirl Academy blog about women in the workplace, and a new study from McKinsey and Company consultants: Companies do better financially. Continue Reading