What is your non-verbal communication saying?

Have you ever stopped to think what your non-verbal communication is saying? We all know using correct grammar and enunciation can make a big difference in the effectiveness of written and verbal communications. But what about the myriad non-verbal signals we send to others? How are these affecting our message? Did you know slouching in a meeting could communicate to your manager you’re bored? Or tilting your head could convey subordination, Continue Reading

Brand Journalism: Tell your story

Brand Journalism

For a company or brand, using ‘brand journalism’ to tell your story can be an effective way to proactively communicate what you want known. Because let’s face it - with the overload of information bombarding us every day through emails, social networks, the media and our personal interactions, most of us just tune out conventional advertising. When ads interrupt our television or radio programming, we “channel surf” to avoid them - or we’re quick Continue Reading

Crisis Communications – PR Observations

Operating in 'crisis communications' mode is never fun. If only there were such clear warning signs posted like the one seen here so we could avoid negative press. It's best to have a plan in place for your company or organization so you aren't scrambling if a situation arises that needs to be corrected or finessed. These observations serve as reminders on doing what you can to avert disaster in the first place, and what to do if a situation Continue Reading

How to Write a Press Release

How to Write a Press Release

Have you ever wondered how to write a press release? I find them to be a great way to share  information about an event, a book, or announcement to gain media interviews to further spread the word. (Some describe a news release as different from a press release. Most press releases are written by professionals, which are then distributed to media.  A news release can be posted online where anyone can read it). Here are some tips for writing a Continue Reading

Insider writing tips from author Gina Robinson

I asked successful romance author Gina Robinson to share 'insider' writing tips -- regardless of genre. But HOW I re-connected with Gina is a story unto itself. I was making a presentation at a large aerospace manufacturing company for the Springboard Academy when Gina's husband introduced himself. Turns out not only were we at WSU in Pullman at the same time, but his future wife lived in my dorm. And now she's a romance writer! Given my work Continue Reading