#1 Lesson Learned from 2015

As we wrap up the past year, what is your #1 lesson learned from 2015? I like to take some time during the final days of the year to look back on where I’ve been, take stock of what I’ve accomplished, consider what could have gone better, and set goals for the coming 12 months.

Here are my top three lessons from 2015!

#3 – Challenge yourself. 2015 has been the year of learning. Officially launching my executive and transition coaching practice, I am constantly reading and challenging myself to learn more. The world of coaching is rapidly expanding, and I am lucky to have fabulous clients who push me to learn more so that I can, in turn, challenge them, and find ways for them to achieve their goals. I’m never bored, LOVE sharing a nugget of insight that I’ve read or observed, and believe being a lifelong learner is one key (for me, anyway) to being happy!

In the world of public relations, the landscape is often changing rapidly. What worked for one client might not work for another. It’s challenging yourself to not lean on old standbys that have worked in the past, but take some risks and find new ways to get out the word about a client’s product, book or services.

#1 Lesson from 2015

2015 was full of surprises and challenges. As you look back, what is your biggest takeaway?

#2 – Learn patience. Life can throw you curveballs, and batting coaches will tell you – if the pitcher throws a curveball, wait for the ball to come to you. Sometimes that advice works in real life, too. Curve balls can take us out of our rhythm. They’re unexpected. Hey, life happens in spite of our best laid plans, right? Be patient. The right opportunity will come. Don’t be moving so quickly that you don’t recognize it.

One of my most difficult adjustments moving from the world of TV news to the business world, is the pace. In TV news, seconds really do count. There are constant deadlines. What I’ve found in the years since leaving news, business doesn’t move nearly as quickly. Relationships develop more slowly. Decisions take more time. Being patient is okay. Patience allows you to avoid mistakes, relax into a project, and more fully experience things. Go ahead – wait for the ball to come to you. You’ve just improved your chances of knocking it out of the park!   

And my number one lesson from 2015:

#1 – Practice positivity. Being positive improves your life! It doesn’t mean dismissing challenges that we all face at times. But actively practicing positivity can improve our health, help us better cope with difficulties, and make life brighter for those around us.

Scientists are starting to pay more attention to what makes people happy and how they attain inner peace, rather than study what goes wrong. How we really feel is governed by what goes on in our mind. What kind of self-talk do you practice? Do you constantly worry about not being good enough? Not adding value? Negative thoughts often spiral downward until we’re lacking confidence, anxious and stressed out. Who wants to live like that?

You can practice positivity in any number of ways. It might be by starting with a daily gratitude practice. Before you go to bed at night, write a list of the top three things for which you are grateful. Or the three best things that happened to you that day. Another way is to thank people in your life. Write one email a day to a person who’s done something nice for you, did a good job, or who is always there for you. Let them know you recognize their actions.  Not only may it make a difference in how people respond to you, you’ll be amazed at how this small action makes YOU feel!

I learned that staying positive in the face of challenges in 2015 helped me cope with them in such a way that I could remain optimistic and confident that ‘this too shall pass.’ Practicing positivity led to less stress, better health, and a happier attitude. In fact, this is one lesson I plan to carry over into 2016 and beyond.

What about you? What is your #1 takeaway from 2015?



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