10 Tips to Gain a Promotion

10 Tips to Gain a Promotion

Need some tips to start moving up the career ladder? Start with these 10 tips.

Many of us dream of gaining that promotion and moving up the career ladder. We want to make a greater impact, challenge ourselves, and learn new skills, not to mention take home a bigger paycheck. Interested in gaining a promotion? Here’s where to start!

  1. First impressions count. When meeting someone for the first time, do these 3 things: smile, have a firm handshake, and make eye contact! You’ll come across as both confident and approachable.
  2. Know your strengths and values, and communicate them in everything you do. Take a proactive stance to share your strengths – the skills that come naturally to you, so that you reinforce your personal brand in areas in which you excel.
  3. Be visible! When opportunities arise for high visibility projects, volunteer – especially if it’s a project that plays to your strengths. Don’t hide in your cubicle. Let your talent shine!
  4. Cut weak words from your vocabulary. Using words such as ‘just,’ ‘I think,’ or ‘I feel’ lessen the impact for effective communication. Don’t add questions, such as ‘isn’t that right?’ or ‘don’t you agree?’ to the end of a statement. Use phrases such as ‘I’m confident,’ ‘I believe’ and ‘I expect.’ Your communication will be more impactful.
  5. Pay attention to your body language. Standing up straight with your shoulders back and using open body language (your arms away from your body with palms up) actually tells your brain you are confident, and also, projects an image of confidence.
  6. Network to build relationships and ask ‘How can I help you?’ For many people, networking and meeting new people can be nerve-wracking. Entering the conversation by taking the focus off of you, and putting it on the other person can help put both of you at ease, so that a real conversation can happen.
  7. Notice the dress code, and wear the appropriate clothing. Dressing casually can hurt your professional image if everyone around you is in business suits and heels. Conversely, dressing formally in a casual atmosphere can impact how comfortable people are when interacting with you.
  8. Practice public speaking, so that you can share your ideas with confidence! Whether making a formal presentation, or promoting your ideas to a superior, practice being concise, confident, and clear. If someone asks you what time it is, give them the time – not how to build the watch.
  9. Compile your ‘success stories’ – anecdotes and examples that you can share to illustrate the positive results you achieve.
  10. Give others credit when they deserve it. To be promoted – not only do people want to know you’re competent to do the job, people must also like and respect you. Knowing when to share the credit makes people want to be part of your team.

What tips can you add to the list? I’d love your feedback. Thanks in advance.

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