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So yes, I’ve been leading a double life. But it’s all good, and part of my way to pay it forward to other women. Some of you might already know that along with my Communications company, I also am one of the founding members, along with Jenni Hogan, Suzanne Keel-Eckmann, Tom Eckmann and Deb Hagen, of GoGirl Academy, a career acceleration course for women who want to move forward in the workplace. I love working with my current clients, and plan on continuing to wear both hats! Both opportunities are things I value!

The official announcement is made. So the press release went out today on GoGirl Academy. We’d love to have you join us for classes. Here’s the release:

Seattle’s New GoGirl Academy Launches one of a kind Career Advancement Program

10-Week Course Focuses on Personal Brand and Communication Skills 

Seattle – GoGirl Academy™, the new Seattle-based career advancement program for women seeking a competitive workplace edge, today announced its official company launch and open registration for its fall Career Advancement Program. GoGirl Academy was co-founded by Jenni Hogan, KIRO-TV’s morning traffic anchor, and Suzanne Keel-Eckmann, a firm director at Deloitte, where she leads its national corporate responsibility and sustainability programs.

The announcement comes on the heels of the GoGirl Academy’s (GGA’s) successful 10-week Dress Rehearsal pilot of the program, which helps career women accelerate their success. Twelve students ranging in age from 23 to 58, and in experience from a new college graduate to a corporate executive officer participated in the Dress Rehearsal.

“Fast-tracked middle executives in major corporations might get this type of career training, but despite tremendous need, it’s been unavailable to the rest of us until now,” said GoGirl Academy Executive Director Margo Myers, best known for her career as a news anchor and reporter at Seattle’s KIRO-TV and KOMO-TV. “Training like this early in my career, plus access to the amazing resources of the GGA Alumni Network, would have been so incredibly helpful to me.  So it’s been immensely rewarding and fun for me to help create this Academy.”

GoGirl Academy’s 10-week Career Acceleration Program begins Sept. 30th with weekly three-hour classes held at Seattle’s Maxwell Hotel through Dec. 9th. Registration information is available at http://gogirlacademy.com/How_to_Apply.htm.

GGA will offer a range of career development programs for women of all ages.  In addition to its Career Acceleration Program, GGA has three other core programs, each tailored to the needs of women at different stages of their life or career.  The Pre-Career Program serves young women preparing to leave for college. Career Launch helps women entering the business world. The Career Transitions Program is designed for women making major changes in their lives such as starting a new career, changing careers, launching a new business, or re-entering the work force. In all programs, classes of only 10 to 12 women with similar experiences and goals create lots of group interaction and camaraderie.

“I found GoGirl Academy to be a very positive and uplifting time to re-examine my personal brand and how I portray my image in professional and personal life,” said Terry Tatko, business manager, Franciscan Health Systems.  “GoGirl is a fun and safe place to improve those characteristics which can be the tipping point in career acceleration.  I am excited that GoGirl Academy is not a onetime experience – the icing on the cake is to be part of this impressive alumnae group, where the opportunities in this leadership network will continue to grow.”  

Each class member receives individual coaching and support from top experts in leadership and teamwork, personal style, effective business writing, public speaking, social media and networking. GGA’s faculty includes recognized social media expert Shauna Causey, messaging expert Lorraine Howell, and leadership consultant Bronwyn Richards. At the end of the core 10-week program, graduates join a larger network of influential women who have made a promise to mentor them and help them achieve their career objectives.

“GoGirl Academy is a fantastic program,” said GGA instructor and senior human resources executive Deanna Heinrich. “This is such valuable learning that often takes years to informally acquire, and the personal and professional mentorship of women is long past due in all industries.”

About GoGirl Academy™

GoGirl Academy is the career advancement program for women who seek a competitive edge in the workplace.  Designed to help students accelerate their careers by teaching them to become their very best self, only GGA provides students with the right tools, a focused plan, and a network of influential women to guide them.

For more information, visit www.gogirlacademy.com.

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