About Margo

I’m an optimist
a straight-shooter
and I genuinely care
about my clients and their success.

My philosophy is that ‘running with your strengths’ — the things you are naturally great at doing – will take you farther than trying to become well-rounded and develop your weaknesses. Do the things you are best at doing! You’ll be happier, more productive and experience greater success.

I haven’t always been an executive coach. I grew up in Ephrata, in Eastern Washington, and graduated with honors from Washington State University with a BA in Communication – Journalism. In a varied career as a TV news reporter, anchor and producer, I’ve covered everything from the downfall of General Manuel Noriega in Panama with U.S. Army troops — to the Loma Prieta Earthquake near San Francisco — to the WTO riots in Seattle. I’ve jumped out of planes, learned to scuba dive, flown with the Blue Angels, and danced with the Seattle Mariners’ groundskeepers – all in search of a great story.

When it comes to stories, the ones we tell ourselves matter the most.

After all, we actually listen to what we tell ourselves.

When I left the news desk, I had the opportunity to work with leaders to develop their personal brand, communication skills, and executive presence. That led me to executive coaching, completing a rigorous training certification program, and obtaining my International Coach Federation (ICF) credential.

One of my superpowers is ‘equanimity’ – the ability to remain calm in the face of chaos. As a news anchor in the middle of breaking news, I was calm while presenting information to our viewers. Behind the scenes in the newsroom, people were often scrambling for the latest facts so we could move the story forward, inform viewers, and stay ahead of the competition.

As a coach, equanimity is still one of my superpowers. A client can come into a session feeling overwhelmed, emotional or uncertain about which way to go. I’m a calm, safe haven so you can take a deep breath, relax, and together we can start to figure out what you want, and create a plan on how to get there.

Margo at work

On set at KIRO 7, the CBS
affiliate in Seattle, where I co-anchored the nightly news.

[ 2005 – 2009 ]

I want to use my experience to help you travel farther in your career, find balance in your life, and enjoy more success.”

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