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Services offered: Executive coaching and communication – Strengthen your influence. I am fascinated with human communication and how we interact with each other. Using tools and assessments, I work with leaders and corporate teams to develop clear communications. This can… Read more

Being ‘Positive’ Influences Your Career

During a radio segment on Seattle sports talk radio, the two hosts were asked about the Seattle Seahawks and all the talented, big name players the team had let go or traded. It’s a long list, and Seattle has now… Read more

Leadership Communication – Do you know your style?

  As leaders, we all have different leadership communication styles. Some of us are extroverts and love to talk with people. We get our energy from being around other people. Others are introverts and aren’t as comfortable conversing, needing ‘downtime’… Read more

What do people say about you? One key way you can influence the conversation!

Admit it – are you curious what people say about you when you leave the room? How can you influence what you want them to say? There is a way! If you work in a company that uses 360 assessments in… Read more

10 Tips to Gain a Promotion

Many of us dream of gaining that promotion and moving up the career ladder. We want to make a greater impact, challenge ourselves, and learn new skills, not to mention take home a bigger paycheck. Interested in gaining a promotion?… Read more

Three Strategies to Share Your Successes Without ‘Bragging’

Few people want to come off as a ‘braggart.’ It can alienate people around you, make you appear insecure, and prompt a lack of trust if the claims seem outrageous. There are, however, times when we need to present ourselves… Read more

The One Simple Practice to Increase Your Happiness

“Three Good Things” The Practice: Write down three good things from your day. Every day. For three weeks. Really? That’s it?  Yes. It sounds easy. It might sound superficial. You’re probably thinking, ‘My day was fine. Why should I bother… Read more

What to do when you receive a poor job review

What do you do when a job review goes sideways? For many of us, a poor job review can seem like the end of the world. We feel like we’ve failed, we lose confidence, and in some cases, we can… Read more

What's your confidence level?

5 Ways to Boost Your Confidence

What’s your confidence level? Is it high? Does it need a boost? Or does it just depend on the day? This has come up in a couple of recent conversations I’ve had with people – and they’ve been struggling with… Read more

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