Creating a Successful Small Business!

Update!!! Congratulations to all of the big award winners at tonight’s SBA awards gala. What a wonderful way for business owners to receive recognition after pouring their heart and soul into their work!  What I learned from Fran Bigelow of… Read more

Bowling for Kids

A pro bowler, I’m not. But that didn’t stop me from heading out to support Miss Seattle, Lauren Kuhn, and the rest of her team, bowling at the Skyway Park Bowl. It’s all to raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network…. Read more

New ways to be ‘creative!’

If you’re a regular reader here, you know I like to post the ‘best of McKinsey’ studies, and I just ran across a new one that I LOVE!! It gets managers and CEO’s to think differently about their businesses in… Read more

Glass Ceiling is still holding — even in 2011!

Here it is 2011 — and women have made some progress in the corporate world, but we’re still greatly outnumbered when it comes to high-ranking positions of power in Corporate America. I read with great interest this new report from… Read more

Breaking News — Betz Family Winery Sold!

Big news from my friends Bob and Cathy Betz — they have sold the winery!! Bob will stay on as winemaker. Here’s the release straight from Bob: Betz Family Winery Looks to the Future Woodinville, April 6, 2011  The Betz… Read more

Building Awareness Can be a Process!

Fame doesn’t come overnight. I always explain to clients that PR is a process. Stories build upon the initial story and branch out from there. And if you have a good story, it WILL get told and picked up. For… Read more

Is Your Life Balanced?

The busy seasons begins… and it seems like the month of April is off and running!!! As activities and events pick up dramatically, it’s time to ask whether we are maintaining some type of balance in our lives. I’m not… Read more

Love my Clients! Here’s why….

When I was starting my company…. I needed a website. One of my friends referred me to Kirk Werner, who helped me design my business cards and website look, who then referred me to Kathy Nelson and Jenn Donough at… Read more

Simple Tips for Building Your Brand

“Branding” comes up a lot these days, whether it’s with clients embarking on a new PR campaign, or even career development, where you’re asked to define your own personal brand. I came across this blog post by Matthew Stibbe of… Read more