KOMO Helicopter Crash, Remembering a Colleague

It started with a text from my husband that read ‘someone said the KOMO helicopter just crashed near Seattle Center and cars are on fire.’ I immediately checked online, saw that it was true, and turned on KOMO radio, then… Read more

Betz Family Winery Spring Release 2014

What a weekend for the Betz Family Winery Spring Release 2014! After taking a hiatus for the past couple of releases (due to busy schedules), we were able to volunteer again for this spring release in Woodinville. It was great… Read more


KCSARC Tops 1000+ at Breakfast

KCSARC, the King County Sexual Assault Resource Center, topped 1000 people at its Annual BE LOUD Breakfast – celebrating the hard work being done to end sexual assault and the silence around it. In fact, it’s remarkable to note that this is… Read more

How to Write a Press Release

How to Write a Press Release

Have you ever wondered how to write a press release? I find them to be a great way to share  information about an event, a book, or announcement to gain media interviews to further spread the word. (Some describe a… Read more

Insider writing tips from author Gina Robinson

I asked successful romance author Gina Robinson to share ‘insider’ writing tips — regardless of genre. But HOW I re-connected with Gina is a story unto itself. I was making a presentation at a large aerospace manufacturing company for the Springboard… Read more

3 Great Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas from a Self Care “Genius”

Okay – Valentine’s Day is getting close, and if you’re like me, you wait until the last minute to gift shop. Leslie Irish Evans is offering 3 great Valentine’s Day gift ideas for the busy person in your life, who… Read more

‘Crabs in a barrel?’ Not at this women’s roundtable

Hats off to Seattle women leaders and entrepreneurs who joined a group of Malaysian professors and business leaders for a women’s roundtable on business, leadership and entrepreneurship. Ten women from Malaysia, including professors from the University Malaysia Kelantan and successful Malay business… Read more

7 things the Seahawks win can teach writers

7 Things Writers Can Learn from Seahawks Super Bowl Win!

  There are 7 things writers can learn from the Seahawks Super Bowl win! (And there are likely many more)! The question was posed at the Northwest Christian Writers Association meeting in Kirkland. What can we as writers learn from… Read more

Seattle Boat Show 2014

Seattle Boat Show 2014 is in the books, with the final show wrapping up a day early because the Seattle Seahawks are in the Super Bowl. (And you know where everyone will be on that day)! This year, we attended only the… Read more

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