Engage readers!

How do you engage readers?

If you’re an author, how do you engage readers? We all want to, because doing so successfully can create a community around the topics you love and write about, and ultimately, help sell books! Authorship MBA – Mastering the Business of Authorship is… Read more

Hot Topics on KING’s New Day Northwest

It’s always fun to be invited to join Margaret Larson on KING 5’s New Day Northwest for Hot Topics! This time around, Seattle Times columnist Nicole Brodeur, New Day audience coordinator Suzie Wiley and I had fun with Margaret discussing… Read more

Book Marketing in 2014 – Getting Started

Book marketing in 2014 will surely evolve as fast as it did in 2013. There are numerous disruptions in the current marketplace and a lot of noise, making it harder than ever for authors and businesses to ‘break out.’ I love this post by… Read more

Tara Newton, Admosis Media

Admosis Media Welcomes New Managing Director

I am so excited for Caitlin Angeloff and Brooke Angles of social advertising firm Admosis Media! They’re welcoming Tara Newton as their new Managing Director! I’ve worked with Caitlin and Brooke on an earlier campaign, and they are amazing at… Read more

Don’t be Michael Bay – Tips for Presenting

Everyone knows speaking in public can be hard — even for movie director Michael Bay.  Bay was presenting at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas for Samsung when he lost his place on the teleprompter, tried to wing it,… Read more

Theme for 2014? Celebrate Success

Do you have a theme for 2014? It’s not something I typically do, but this year, I want to celebrate success — primarily the success of those around me. Whether large or small, successes, accomplishments, promotions, and results are something… Read more

Top 3 Takeaways from 2013

It’s the end of 2013, and time to reflect on my top 3 takeaways from 2013. I like to take a look back at the past year, even as I’m making plans for 2014 (that’s another post), and consider what… Read more

Marketing strategy: Video vs. Reading

When in comes to marketing strategy, which is more effective: video or the written word? Every one has a personal preference. I usually prefer reading, because I can read faster than someone can tell me something in a video, unless the visuals are… Read more

5 Reasons I’m Thankful

By Margo Myers, Margo Myers Communications With Thanksgiving upon us, I have 5 reasons I’m thankful. In reality, I am thankful for many more things, but these are my top 5. This is a great time of year to stop and take stock… Read more

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