Bowling for Kids

A pro bowler, I’m not. But that didn’t stop me from heading out to support Miss Seattle, Lauren Kuhn, and the rest of her team, bowling at the Skyway Park Bowl. It’s all to raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network. The contestants who will be participating in the Miss Washington pageant later this summer were there, balancing crowns on their heads, while bowling, cheering, winning prizes and having a great time!

My connection is through GoGirl Academy, as alumna Cheryl Siegfried is the Executive Director of Miss Seattle. Cheryl and I did a workshop Friday for contestants, teaching them the importance of making a great first impression and how to do that. It’s just part of the courses we teach at GGA, helping people know how to properly shake hands, walk and stand. And then we gave a quiz on business etiquette! The young women were fabulous students, and I wish them the best as they compete for scholarships through the Miss America program.

Margo Myers, Principal, Margo Myers Communications

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