Are You Nice? It’s In Your Genes!

April 11, 2012

I’ve been accused on occasion of being too nice. Not that I ever want to be taken advantage of, but I find that people are more responsive when I’m ‘nice’ than if I’m not as kind. And an article on… Read more

Generation Gap in the Workplace?

March 12, 2012

Working with multiple generations in the workplace has come up in several recent conversations I’ve had with clients, wanting to know how to better communicate with each other. This is an excellent article from Forbes magazine, from the young professional… Read more

Buying Power — Ignore Women at Your Own Peril

March 7, 2012

As someone who works with clients in the marine and boating industry, as a frequent speaker to women’s groups, and as a woman, I found this blog post from Trade Only Today and William Sisson, very telling. Given that studies… Read more

KCSARC Breakfast — 23 years and counting!

March 2, 2012

Early on March 1st, 930 people came together to take a stand against sexual assault in our community. It marks the 23rd annual ‘Kids Are Our Business’ Breakfast for the King County Sexual Assault Resource Center. It never ceases to amaze… Read more

Boat Show 2012

January 29, 2012

Boat Show 2012 is underway….. and for me, it’s kind of like the beginning of Spring Training for baseball — a sure sign that the long, dark days of winter are going to be over soon, and we’ll be back… Read more

The Recipe Collector

January 21, 2012

Given this has been a snow week, and I’ve been laboring over my computer as much as I can — I also need to take a break every once in awhile, and actually cook dinner. My husband is a better… Read more

The Springboard Academy Announces Program Expansion

January 20, 2012

Many of you know, in addition to my Communications firm, I work with a talented group of business people to run The Springboard Academy! Here’s our newest announcement for 2012! Margo Myers, Principal, Margo Myers Communications Seattle, January 20, 2011… Read more

The Argument for Solitude (to get things done)

January 16, 2012

Update —- Who knew we’d get such a snow event this week? And that it would lead to plenty of solitude for many of us stuck in our home offices instead of heading to work? (Please don’t think I was hoping… Read more

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