Change Their Minds, Change the Conversation

As much as we women like to think there is progress being made, it’s an uphill battle for most women to reach the C-suite! I heard an awesome speaker, Cindy Solomon, yesterday at the Key4Women luncheon sponsored by Key Bank. She talked about courage! Some types of courage are instinctual, and other types can be learned. If you’re a leader in business or an entrepreneur – we all decided that you have courage! And it takes courage to be successful. My favorite part of Cindy’s talk was when we talked about work-life balance. For most of us, it doesn’t really exist, and then we just end up feeling guilty about not being able to ‘do it all.’ Cindy has a slightly different take. Her advice: live one big life, fit it all in, forget about the balance because how busy you are will ebb and flow. Guilt? Gone.

Here’s why being a woman and a leader in business takes courage! Check out this new article from McKinsey on the often ‘hidden’ mindsets women face on their way to the top.

Margo Myers, Principal, Margo Myers Communications

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