Cleaning up Puget Sound

Cleaning up the environment. One of my clients has a new product that he’s taken years to develop, mainly in China, that could help clean up the environment here in our country. WI Environmental is based on Whidbey Island, with a new mineral product, XR-88, that encapsulates heavy metals and other poison, turning them inert for safe easy disposal.

New blog story. It could have a major impact on the cleanup of Puget Sound, as well as acid mine drainage, and air pollution — with different applications. Because it affects the marine and boating¬†industry, Deborah Bach, a former newspaper reporter who now writes for ThreeSheetsNW, a marine and boating blog, did a story on WI Environmental and talked about what it could mean for the future of Puget Sound. Here’s the link to her story: And KOMO radio’s Brian Calvert did a live interview with Tim Wandell, the company President and Founder: KOMO radio interview. And don’t forget to check out the WI Environmental website at


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