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Messy Closet. Yes, I admit, I’m only semi-organized when it comes to my clothes (and my husband wouldn’t likely even give me credit for the ‘semi’ part). So when I met Shona Brenner at the recent CRAVE symposium, she told me about her business — helping you create a new wardrobe from clothes you already have, and helping you organize your clothes and closet!

It’s time for me to do this. Most of my ‘work clothes’ are ‘news anchor’ clothes, which means suits and┬áconservative outfits. Why should I be stuck looking like a news anchor if that’s not what I do anymore? Of course, I want to look professional (that’s part of my brand), but why can’t I look more stylish without having to go out and buy an entirely new wardrobe? So this is where Shona comes in. We’ve organized only the top part of my closet, and already — I can actually see what I have. And she put together at least one outfit I never would have considered, but tried on last night, and it looks good.

Here’s the link: is the link to Shona’s website. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes since this is a ‘process’ and a transformation that doesn’t happen overnight. And if you notice I dress a little differently — now you’ll know why!

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