Crabbing at night

Nothing better than Dungeness Crab. If you love crab, then there’s nothing better than fresh Dungy! We went out last night on the most perfect evening about 10pm to check our friends’ crab pots off Magnolia, right out of Elliott Bay Marina. It was a picture perfect night — no wind, calm water with hardly a ripple, millions of stars, the lights of the city, and only 4 legal crab.

We live in the most beautiful place, and rarely do we go boating at night. Last night was a great night to go out, if only because it was so calm and the air was still warm. Of course, 4 crab isn’t much, and it looked like someone had been ‘poaching’ the other pots since there wasn’t much there. We’ll check again later today, and with any luck, it will be Crab Louie for dinner!

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