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Updated info on 4.5.2010: I have to tell you — it’s so cool to meet all these women entreprenesses, and see all the innovative and creative things they are doing. Kelley Moore and Marianne Scholl not only had some great stories to share, but Kelley put out a ‘thank you’ to everyone who was there.

And Melody Biringer and Jess Estrada of CRAVE Seattle are so thoughtful in putting these groups together. Thanks, gals!

CRAVE Seattle Chat.  At the invitation of my clients, Ovaleye Web Solutions’ Kathy Nelson and Jenn Donogh, (who host my website), we attended a CRAVE Seattle chat today with about 20-25 like-minded women business owners. Seattle Woman Magazine’s publisher Marianne Scholl, and Lifestyle and Entertainment maven Kelley Moore shared their experiences as female entreprenesses, proving to be an inspiration to the rest of us. Melody Biringer and Jess Estrada of CRAVE Seattle brought everyone together.

Diverse businesses. It’s fascinating to hear the many different businesses and projects that women in Seattle are heading up — from vintage clothing, to new dresses, to designer cupcakes and handmade lotions. Several writers joined the group, from novelists to those who write screenplays and episodes for TV shows. Some are graphic designers, to those who host websites and work with graphic designers, to preserving recipes online, and online journaling.

Driven to succeed. Marianne and Kelley each described their days, and how they got to where they are. Marianne worked at Seattle Child magazine before deciding to branch out on her own. Kelley was a social worker who discovered a talent for design and events, and changed paths after 7 years to pursue ‘lifestyle’ design.  Both are driven by a passion to not only be their own bosses, but to have control of their own destinies. (I imagine most of the women in the group like to be in control of their own businesses. In fact, how to ‘give up’ control made for an interesting topic). Hours being your own boss may be flexible, but long. Many hours are spent at the computer — sometimes at the office, many other hours spent at the home office. Both have made financial sacrifices to get to this point. But at the end of the day, both Marianne and Kelley are doing what they love. That’s the key. In fact, Kelley told me, as we were chatting before the event began, that she is living her dream! (Maybe the next Rachael Ray, but of design?) How cool is that?

My Takeaway. As a relatively new business owner, I’m inspired by such stories, and at the same time, I realize it really IS all about making connections, and women helping each other to reach their dreams and goals. It reminded me of a quote I read today in an article about Seattle couture designer, Luly Yang. She said when she was debating whether to make the leap to go to designing full time, she opened a fortune that was a quote from Jonathan Winters. It read “I couldn’t wait for success, so I went ahead without it.”

May all the women at today’s CRAVE Seattle Chat find success as they move ahead.

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Jennifer Donogh
12 years ago

It was good to see you Sunday Margo! I love hearing from enthusiastic women who ‘driven to succeed.’ I’m so lucky to get to meet women like yourself and those at the Crave Coffee Chat!

Margo Myers Communications
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