GoGirl Academy is ready for Dress Rehearsal!

Update: We have the location for our classes! They’ll be held at the new Maxwell Hotel on lower Queen Anne in Seattle. Very cool location. We hope you can join us.

Accelerating your success! This is a new venture that I’ve been working on with a few other talented and terrific people, including new mom, Jenni Hogan! We are ready to launch GoGirl Academy, the career advancement program for women who seek a competitive edge in the workplace. So far, the response has been really positive, and we are excited to get this going, but we need your help to get our pilot program filled for this summer. Classes are set to start right away. (We wanted to wait til after Jenni had her baby, so she could help coach).

We help you accelerate your career by teaching you to become your very best self.  Only GGA provides you with the right tools, a focused plan, and a network of influential women to guide you.

You start with 10 classes that address the essential needs of a GoGirl — a clear personal brand, a professional look, strong communication skills, and a social media presence.  A personal coach leads each class supported by top experts in personal branding, wardrobe, hair, make-up, writing, public speaking, and social media.  They help you and your 10 classmates, women with similar experiences and goals, refine your skills and develop a focused plan to accelerate your success.  At the end of this core program, you join a network of influential women who can mentor you and help you achieve your personal and career objectives. 

New classes start June 24th. I would love to hear from you about applying for GGA! Just check out the website at http://gogirlacademy.com/Launch_Program.htm for more information.

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