Happy Independence Day!

The flag is flying outside the front door, and we are ready to celebrate America’s independence! Often times, we don’t stop to really appreciate what we have in this country. In spite of the divide between the two major political parties, we have the freedom to express our differences, and our views! Look at the situation in Egypt. Look at Syria and civil war. Look at other countries around the world where people can’t say what they really think for fear of being imprisoned or worse. Our country isn’t perfect, but we enjoy so many ‘freedoms’ that others do not. Don’t take them for granted.

Some of my family members are working today, others are enjoying a neighborhood 4th of July Parade and a barbeque, while others are having a cookout. I’ll be at the Seafair Summer Fourth with a few thousand of our closest friends for the amazing fireworks show. I love the sense of community that brings our neighborhoods together to celebrate our country’s independence. Enjoy! Be safe! Have fun!

Happy birthday, America!


Seafair Summer Fourth

Great to celebrate July 4th!

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