Higher Education’s in Trouble

Update: You’ll be hearing this radio ad playing in the Seattle area regarding WSU and the cuts it’s been forced to make because of state funding decisions. I agreed to cut the spot after being asked by a group of very active and concerned WSU alums about what’s happening on campus. Please listen, contact your legislator, and visit WSU Impact on Facebook! Thanks! MargoWSUfinal radio spot 1.25.11.

Check out this new Seattle Times article on budget cuts and what’s ahead for universities in Washington state. It’s certainly food for thought about the future of our competitiveness in job markets throughout the state. And as the parent of a college student, consider the costs. When I graduated from WSU, I was lucky that my parents paid my tuition — I think it ran about $12-13,000 total for all 4 years. I received a great education through the WSU Honors program, got my BA in Communications, with an English minor. Today, when a college degree is more important than ever — it costs more than $20,000 a year at a public insititution, and upwards of $40,000 at a private university. Lawmakers have some tough choices ahead, but in my opinion, shortchanging higher education now will only come back to bite us down the road.


In fact, here’s the new legislative agenda for WSU, provided by President Elson Floyd. He certainly touches on important points — critical to keeping our universities strong: http://president.wsu.edu/legislative-agenda/index.html. Please share with your legislator how important higher ed is to our students and our state’s economy.

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