How to Get Involved

To see how our students did — check out the quick post at! Our students are impressive.

Number two class for GGA. Tonight’s is our second class for GoGirl Academy, and I can’t wait to see how our women did with their elevator pitches! (That’s what we worked on last week with Lorraine Howell). Tonight — it’s getting involved with your community, with Louis Mendoza from the King County United Way coming to give us tips on the most effective ways to get involved.

Being a mentor or a mentee. The other part of tonight’s class is Mentorship. Suzanne Keel-Eckmann, an expert on being both a mentor and a mentee, will explain the difference and how to be both. It’s part of GoGirl’s philosophy to pay it forward, and if that means mentoring others to help them move forward, that’s what we do. I look forward to another fun, interactive evening with our GoGirls!

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