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Hats off! To the Boys and Girls Clubs of King County. Early last spring, a core group of women pulled together by Daniel Johnson and Mary Hackett of BGC, designed a summit with dozens of influential women in Seattle. At that summit, we had key women speakers who shared what it takes to be successful in their fields. The entire idea was to brainstorm to create programs within local BGC to benefit girls! So all these women broke in to groups to come up with potential program ideas.

Ideas galore. Many fine ideas came out of the summit meeting, and I applaud BGC for following through to determine which could make the most impact, and then find ways to fund them. SMART Girls is one of those programs being implemented throughout all the clubs by the end of year. And there are many more great ideas, which Meg Pittman is charged with turning into programs which have a measurable impact to empower girls, and help them reach their goals. In fact, in some cases, it’s inspiring girls to even develop goals! There’s a lot of pressure on teens (as there has always been), but these programs are designed to help them plan ahead for a career, date responsibly, eat right and exercise to stay healthy.

Auction coming up! If you want to make a difference, the Boys and Girls Club auction is coming up on October 9th at the Sheraton. They do a great job, and here’s a chance to positively impact boys AND girls in our community.

National program. The truly cool thing is the work that’s being doen to take these programs ‘national’ to Boys and Girls Clubs throughout the country — and it all started right here in Seattle. What a positive influence on our kids!

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