Is Your Life Balanced?

The busy seasons begins… and it seems like the month of April is off and running!!! As activities and events pick up dramatically, it’s time to ask whether we are maintaining some type of balance in our lives. I’m not admittedly really good at this. I like working, and if you’re a sole proprietor like me, you know that you don’t have a staff to fall back on — it’s just you. That being said, I do like to ‘team’ with people to help on various projects, and think it’s ‘key’ to trying to maintain some kind of balance between work and play.

A few tips. If you find yourself having a tough time staying balanced, remember to prioritize. If you need to make a list, do it, and work down to keep your most important projects on track. Schedule in downtime. I like to read, and so I make time to pick up a book for a half hour or so at night. It lets my mind ‘breathe’ and take a break.  Keep it positive. A positive attitude may not do much for keeping your schedule on track, but it will make you much more fun to be around. Partner with others. If you can, choose people you can work with on a project to project basis to help keep from being overwhelmed. Learn to say ‘no.’ This is a hard one for me, but if you absolutely can’t fit it in, you can’t fit it in. If you say ‘yes’ to something that you know you don’t really have time to do, it only stresses you out further. Choose the things that are important to you, and let someone else pick up the rest.

Women’s event coming up on Saturday. In the interest of a balanced life, my friend Karri Bruntz of Beautifully Balanced Life, is sponsoring a big women’s event this Saturday in Bellevue. It’s a fun event with a number of speakers, products, and helpful topics to help you live a happy, balanced life, and created to inspire, educate and motivate. You can check it out here: and I know Karri would love to see you there! Here’s to making choices that help you find some balance!

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