It’s all about the people

I love my job. Let me say that right up front. I love it because it brings me into contact with so many great people!! And if you’ve been in business for any amount of time, you know it’s all about the people — how you can help them, how you work together, how your ideas mesh, your passion, their passion, and whether partnering on certain projects will help move them forward in a way that you couldn’t do alone.

Fingers in many pies. Right now, I’m involved in a good half dozen projects — all with great people. One thing I’ve learned, if I don’t connect with someone, it’s likely better to decline their project. It won’t be worth either of our time or effort. Or will bring more headaches than I really need to deal with at this time.

Women’s projects. Most of my projects and clients deal with women-centric issues. The boys network is alive and well, and anything we can do to help women succeed in the workplace is worthwhile. Really, anything we can do to help girls succeed, and grow up to be successes — whether in their personal life, or their workplace, is all good. That doesn’t mean we ignore boys. Being the parent of a teenage son, boy’s need just as much guidance as girls, but often, it’s a different type of guidance.

Appreciate talent and generosity. I appreciate smart people, people who know themselves, know what they’re about, and know what to do to get things done. What I’ve encountered is — it’s often these types of people who are generous with their time and expertise, and don’t always need to be paid to jump in and volunteer. This area is full of these types of people. If you run across them — let them know you appreciate them, their talents, and what they do for all in our community!

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