KCSARC Tops 1000+ at Breakfast


More than 1000 people attended KCSARC’s 25th Annual Breakfast.

KCSARC, the King County Sexual Assault Resource Center, topped 1000 people at its Annual BE LOUD Breakfast – celebrating the hard work being done to end sexual assault and the silence around it. In fact, it’s remarkable to note that this is the 25th Annual Breakfast for KCSARC, with community support at record levels. (Full disclosure – I’ve emceed the past 12 breakfasts). Congratulations to the KCSARC team for exceeding their goal, and raising $376,000!

Led by Executive Mary Ellen Stone, the agency serves victims of sexual assault, providing counseling and legal advocacy, as well as guiding policy development. Mary Ellen shared with us that KCSARC does the following:

  • Provides the largest sexual assault legal advocacy program of its kind in the country
  • Provides Courtwatch, the first court-monitoring system in King County, and is the most comprehensive in the state
  • Provides a one-of-a-kind 24 hour resource line
  • Launched a prevention tool called 100 Conversations

People in the audience heard powerful stories from survivors, including Melisa, a beautiful, outgoing young woman who is now in college with hope of a great future and her goal to help others. Seattle City Council President Tim Burgess shared his story, and the impact sexual assault can have on a person’s life. Counseling, and being heard, has made the difference in both of their lives.

Those in attendance have been asked to wear a ‘Be Loud’ button for the next week. If you see one, ask about it. You never know which conversation you have could change a life.

Last year, KCSARC helped 3,417 people, delivered legal advocacy to 1,728 children, teens and adults, conducted 5,161 hours of trauma-focused therapy, and educated 6,978 people about prevention. Those are incredible numbers, and KCSARC is having a positive impact on all of us. The goal is to never turn anyone away who needs help. If you can help KCSARC, please visit their website and do what you can. It makes a difference for our entire community.

Margo Myers, Margo Myers Communications



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