Love my Clients! Here’s why….

When I was starting my company…. I needed a website. One of my friends referred me to Kirk Werner, who helped me design my business cards and website look, who then referred me to Kathy Nelson and Jenn Donough at Ovaleye,  to host my site. About a year later, as they moved to expand their business, they hired me for a couple of months to do some PR and make connections for them.

Flash forward yet another year (time really flies), and imagine my surprise this morning when I scrolled down their email newsletter they send out to clients and friends, decide to watch, and hear my name, as well as see my website!! Wow — that’s pretty cool. Their topic: How to get people talking about you online. And of course, you want them talking about you in a good way!! Here’s the link to their video: if you want to take a look.

GoGirl Academy’s there, too! Bless their hearts, but Kathy and Jenn are also featuring women from another one of my companies — GoGirl Academy,,  a career development course for women. Part of what we teach our students is developing a first-rate presence online and how to manage it. So of course, we’ve brought in Ovaleye to help our students, and they’ve been wonderful about sharing their expertise. Here’s a shout out to women helping women, and to Kathy and Jenn. Thank you!

Margo Myers, Prinicpal, Margo Myers Communications

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