Marketing strategy: Video vs. Reading

Book marketing

Click on the link below to check out this short video on a book about book marketing!

When in comes to marketing strategy, which is more effective: video or the written word? Every one has a personal preference. I usually prefer reading, because I can read faster than someone can tell me something in a video, unless the visuals are amazing! And in reality, it often depends on what you’re selling, and which venue will be more effective.

Video advertising is playing a growing role, and is expected to explode in 2014! In fact, in a recent article in USA Today, Alistair Barr writes:  YouTube is the most important part of Google’s brand advertising push because more people are watching online video instead of traditional TV. If this shift continues, brands are expected to move some of the massive amounts of money they spend on TV ads to online video. The article goes on to say the total brand advertising market, which includes digital, TV and more traditional offline ads, is worth at least $300 billion a year.

So I’m running my own little experiment here with a video I created to market my book — on book marketing! Here’s the link

I want to know if having a short video is more attention grabbing. Does it make you want to check out the book? Are you more likely to watch a video than read a post?

As always, I appreciate your comments!

Margo Myers, Principal



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