Mother’s Day = Perfect Boating

Perfect water for Mother’s Day. Talk about a picture perfect day for Mother’s Day and a day to make a quick run to Port Orchard, right across the bay from the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard. Smooth water, few boats, blue skies, warmer temperatures, and oh, did I mention the smooth water? If I ran the world, (which unfortunately for me, isn’t likely) every boating day would have water like this, with temps about 10 degrees warmer outside. But this — for early May, was just about perfect.   

Inside the marina. Flat calm. In the photo to the right, we can see our neighbors’ boats with a hint of Mt. Rainier in the background. In the photo to the far right, a tall ship, likely left over from yesterday’s Maritime Festival.  

Pulling out of the Marina. This photo to the left was the view pulling out of the breakwater at Elliott Bay. Mt. Rainier looms in the background, with the ferries, a tall ship and a sailboat to add to the view.   

Like a big lake. There have been days when we’ve been crossing Puget Sound with 2-3 foot seas, white caps, gray skies and cold weather. Yeah, I know — you’re probably thinking, “What are you doing out in that?” But sometimes you’re coming back from a trip and can’t exactly choose what conditions you get. In the photo below on the left, even the sea lions on Buoy 6 near Rich Passage and Bainbridge Island are enjoying today’s sunshine and nice weather.  

In the photo at right are the old Navy ships in Bremerton. Notice there’s hardly a ripple on the water. We fueled up in Port Orchard where gas was $3.18 a gallon. Not too bad, considering Elliott Bay Marina and Shilshole are running $4.00 a gallon
A beautiful day. Turned out be perfect all the way around.  We picked up my parents and barbecued on the boat tonight — tri-tip, shrimp, potato salad, bread, beans, pie. As we got our dinner ready, the Holland America cruise ship, the Oosteram pulled out of Elliott Bay for one of its first cruises of the season to Alaska. What a gorgeous early evening to set sail, regardless of the size ship you are on!           



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