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Ok — I’ve been so busy, between balancing MMC clients, GoGirl Academy sign ups, and volunteer events — I haven’t had much time to update.

My job is cool. It brings me into contact with so many fabulous people, that I consider myself very lucky. Yesterday was the perfect example! I met with the group of incredible women pulled together by the Boys and Girls Clubs of King County who’ve been working on a new project (there’s an earlier post or two) called InfluenceHer. It’s a way to focus programs on girls at the clubs, and make sure they are programs that really benefit and interest girls. We met with President Roxanne Spillett, Boys and Girls Clubs of America, to tell her a little about what we’ve been doing, and to gauge whether there’s interest in taking such a program nationwide. (There is). You’ll be hearing more about the InfluenceHer program with a new website launching soon. And many of the women in this group are working to mentor girls and other women in their workplaces.

A lot of my focus recently has been on developing GoGirl Academy — a career development course designed to accelerate women’s performance in the workplace. We have a new Career Acceleration course beginning tonight with new students, who I am very excited to meet and work with over the next 10 weeks. I can already tell from their applications, it’s going to be a great group.

If you’re noticing a theme there, (helping women and girls), there is one — very intentionally. This morning I went on Chat With Women radio with Pam Grey and Rochelle Alhadeff. They are wonderful women who’ve created this radio community on KKNW 1150AM. We had so much fun discussing GoGirl, and the need for a class that gives women the knowledge and insider tips to become more confident, as they polish their presence, both in and outside the workplace. What we realized in the first class is that sometimes the smallest changes can make the biggest differences — whether it’s body language, new makeup, clothes colors, or even how you shake hands.

Back to the theme — and I want to give credit to my friend Beroz Ferrell, who runs the Power of You workshops. When I attended her leadership conference a year and a half ago, my mission was to ‘use my knowledge and energy to help teach women how to become their best self.’ Does this work right in with InfluenceHer and GoGirl Academy, or what? If you put your intentions out there — it WILL happen, and it’s all good.

I’ll keep you posted on our new class, as well as some other fun endeavors. Stay tuned!

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