Power of You reunion

Power of You. It was a little more than a year ago that 16 women met for a women’s leadership conference in Bellingham, called Power of You, led by Beroz Ferrell and Rose Singer. Last night, a number of us got together for a reunion at Picolino’s in Ballard to catch up, review the past year, and learn about each other’s successes and challenges.

Hugs, smiles and tears. This is an amazing group of women. We all come from varied backgrounds, we’re all different ages, we all have different careers, some of us are in transition to new careers, some — entire new lives, with recent weddings, and moves to new cities. But we do share a number of things in common — support for each other and our various endeavors, as well as the opportunity to grow and make a difference in our communities. We each shared our story from the past year, and offered a toast. I loved the toasts, and they showed that yes, this is a group of wise women!

New adventures and challenges. I’ll keep our individual stories confidential, but suffice it to say, these women are doing cool things. From learning to speak in public and being honored in a parade, to navigating a slow business economy, to personal growth, helping women in the Middle East, surviving health challenges, running a marathon and flying off to hike in the Swiss Alps, to visiting an ashram in India for two months, going to school in Haiti and the Dominican Republic, launching a new business, launching kids into the world, eloping to New York City and moving to a new state — and this is only about half our group.     

Shout out. A quick ‘shout out,’ too, to Tom who owns Picolino’s in Ballard, for making our garden setting unique in spite of the downpour outside, and for the delicious antipasto and prosecco, as well as entrees’ and desserts.  You and our server helped make it a memorable night!   

A group to watch I can’t wait til our next POY reunion to hear what new and exciting adventures this group will do next. You’ll be hearing about these women, and likely seeing them in the news in their various communities. And I’m hoping the rest of our class can make it to share their stories next time!                                                                                                                    


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