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Coaching for Clarity – VIP Deep Dive

3- hour intensive session focused on gaining clarity and a 3-step plan

This VIP Deep Dive is for you if you are:

Unclear about which direction you should take, and there are too many options in front of you.

Feeling overwhelmed, and confused about what to do next in your career.

Feeling a lack of confidence and doubting yourself, even though you are generally very competent at what you do.

What you receive in this 3-hour deep dive coaching session:

A written assessment of your strengths and the awareness of how they benefit you and your career path.

A trusted and caring coach who helps you sort through ‘the noise’ and identify a clear path

A safe space to explore options and opportunities, and the freedom to dream big!

A 3-step plan for action to increase confidence.

How it works:
The 3 hours can be scheduled at one time, or broken into 2-3 separate sessions. You receive an assessment ahead of our initial meeting. Our confidential coaching sessions helps you identify your strengths, a top goal, and a plan of next steps.

Executive Coaching 2

C-Suite Bound and Stalled

Faster Path to Promotion

Who it’s for: senior level managers, directors and VP’s set to move up to the C-Suite, and need that extra edge to get there.

You’re smart. Competent. You feel like you should be able to figure out WHY you’re not being promoted, but it’s not exactly clear. You’ve read the self-help books and the leadership articles, but the career advancement isn’t happening for you. Some days, it even feels like you’re invisible to your leadership team.

Self-doubt starts to creep in. You start to tell yourself ‘maybe I’m not that good,’ or even ‘I didn’t want that job anyway.’

If you are:

Newly promoted to a new role with greater responsibility, but aren’t receiving support about how to manage your new responsibilities.

Unhappy in your current role, and want to move to a new company or new department, but aren’t sure how to put a plan into place.

Feeling frustrated because it feels like you’ve hit a plateau in your career after a fast rise to your current position, and you don’t know why you’ve stalled.

Looking to be promoted soon, and want to ensure that you’re doing everything in your power to move up to the next level.

There’s a Faster Path to Promotion
Don’t go it alone a minute longer. Get support from an executive coach who’s helped transform high level senior managers into high-impact executives who get noticed, promoted and paid what they’re worth.

C-Suite Bound, and Stalled – Faster Path to Promotion is for you if you want to fine-tune your:

Leadership skills – strength, values, align action to behaviors

Effective communication – crucial conversations, motivating your team, getting your ideas heard in the boardroom

Executive presence – understanding body language, non-verbal communications and the neuroscience behind how people perceive you, and its impact on your effectiveness as a leader

Presentations/public speaking – best practices for speaking with impact to influence your audience

Networking – expanding your sphere of influence, relationship building and outreach for opportunity

Time and priority management – best practices for high-productivity by determining how to prioritize your time and tasks

What you receive in this six-month intensive one on one program…

6-month engagement – 2 sessions/month, in person or via phone or online with email support

A coaching plan to create new habits, behaviors and mindset – and a trusted coach to keep you on track

Customized written mid-term coaching report, final coaching report

Transformational change

Executive Coaching 3

Corner Office View

Trusted advisor

Who it’s for: leaders who are at the top of your organization, and find that there are few people to help you ‘process’ or work through situations. You need a neutral sounding board and someone who isn’t afraid to be a truth teller. Someone who can observe your leadership style and help you transform into the high-impact executive you know you can be.

What you receive:

Customized one to one coaching, 1-year engagement

2 sessions/month, in person or via phone or online with email/phone support

Customized written quarterly coaching report, final coaching report

Executive Coaching 4

Powerhouse Communication System

A 90-day Method for Effective Communication

Who it’s for: leaders who need to effectively communicate their ideas within their company and beyond, and spokespeople for an organization who want to become confident on-camera or in front of an audience.

What you receive:

Customized one to one coaching

Development of messages that align with your organization and its goals

How to share personal success stories with supervisors and beyond

Confidence-building exercises to increase your ease appearing in front of an audience

Strategies for creating content

Strategies for physical delivery of your presentation or interview

Mock interview practice

On-camera experience

Review and feedback

How it works:

Customized one to one coaching, 90 day engagement

2 sessions/month, in person or via phone or online with email/phone support

Executive Coaching 5

90-Day ‘Take Charge of Your Career’ Program

Who it’s for: people at all levels, managers, or those who feel stuck and want to make the leap to bigger role that’s a better fit for your unique gifts and skills, or those looking to transition into a new position.

This program is for you if:

You’re feeling frustrated watching your colleagues earn new job titles and higher salaries, and you know you’re just as talented, but you’re being passed over for promotion.

You’re not getting those plum, high visibility assignments that lead to new leadership roles, more responsibility, and a big raise.

You’re a nervous wreck even thinking about making a presentation to a new client or your team, and you have no idea how to manage those butterflies in your stomach.

You feel like you’re in a dead-end job with no room for growth, and feel overwhelmed by the thought of finding a new role or even figuring out how to make the leap.

The 90 Day Take Charge of Your Career Program helps you create a clear message about who you are and what you want to achieve, to bring your unique strengths to the world in a BIG way and get you promoted to a role that’s a fit for you and your gifts.

This program will transform the way you think about yourself, and empower you to dream bigger. You will learn how to pro-actively communicate your strengths and values in everything you do, create your own personal ‘success stories,’ and learn how to share them with the right people to get you noticed.

How it works:

Customized one to one coaching, 90 day engagement

2 sessions/month, in person or via phone or online with email/phone support


“Margo is very good at asking the difficult questions which help trigger thoughts and ideas for me during our coaching session and after, helping me get out of my own way. She has helped me see my achievements to date (before and after coaching). And, there is always some laughter, which makes every enjoyable! I highly recommend coaching because I believe there is only so much we can do on our own.”

~ S.H.

“When I started coaching, I was struggling with my confidence and questioning my decision-making skills. I had recently taken a new job that I hated and felt like I had made a huge mistake leaving my previous position. It impacted my health and my ability to fully step into my new position and move forward. Coaching helped me start shifting my focus from the past to creating what I wanted in the future. Throughout the process I was able to recognize my own strengths, step into my own power, and work to create a position and environment that worked better for me.”

~ K.T.
Senior VP Marketing, Healthcare

“I think so many people are unhappy doing what they are doing. There isn’t enough self-exploration and job discovery when we are graduating high school. We get on one path and then feel ‘locked in’ and the longer you stay on that path sometimes the harder it feels to change. Margo, thanks SO much for all your support and guidance I am so happy that I “decided” to invest in myself which led to an amazing career change and better work/life balance.”

~ J.R.
Nurse to Entrepreneur, Healthcare

“What I have learned is that coaching is like anything else in life, you get out what you put into it. The lessons can be found in books or online, but having that person you respect voice a different perspective is immensely helpful and insightful. It challenged me by pushing me further than I would normally do so myself, and help me put lessons into practice and make it an added value to my life. I think the value I gained through our experience together is truly priceless. I thoroughly enjoyed our time together and really look forward to working with you again in the future!”

~ M.H.
Director of Business and Operations, Education

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