Saying Goodbye to Harry

A packed church. It was nearly a standing room only crowd who turned out to say goodbye to Harry Wapper at Mercer Island’s Emmanuel Episcopal church. Hundreds of people came to  pay their respects to a man who brought them the weather every day on KIRO-TV for 30 years. He was noted as The Reverend Harry Wappler, and his sons, Bill and Andy, talked about his special way of connecting with people, from their co-workers to the doorman. But Andy remarked how Harry’s family always came first, and how he had a way of making his wife, Mary and their boys feel special.

Everyone was there. The TV news world is a small one, and various, talented people have worked at the TV stations in town here over the years. Of course, many of Harry’s KIRO family was there, including Steve Raible, Susan Hutchison, Margaret Larson, and J.P. Patches – Chris Wedes. And many others turned out to pay their respects as well, from producers, to photographers, to National Weather service people, to Harry’s longtime school friends, and church members. It was a wonderful sendoff for a man who’ll be remembered by many in this region for a long time, and I wish Harry’s family the best of memories about him.

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13 years ago

Harry will be missed. He was such a pleasant character! I remember when I was about 12 years old my family and I ran into Harry at a Chinese restaurant downtown Seattle. I told everyone the next day at school that I got to shake hands with someone who is on television! I remember this almost 20 years later because he was the type of amazing person that leaves such a heartwarming impression. 🙂

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