What do people say about you when you leave the room? You can influence the conversation!

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Margo Myers' Clients
Margo Myers' Clients
Margo Myers' Clients
Margo Myers' Clients
Margo Myers' Clients

How do you come across to others?

Are you confident? Can you easily articulate your ideas? What about your body language? What kind of message are you sending by the way you hold yourself – whether you’re leading a meeting, at a networking event, or joining a discussion around the table?

I want you to communicate your best self. Don’t be left at the mercy of what people say! Know your brand – your strengths and values – so you can pro-actively communicate the BEST parts about yourself. You can also develop an executive presence, so you can be influential and persuasive. We do this through body language, voice, tone, and gestures.

What is it YOU want to be known for?

“My Keynotes and Corporate Workshops are
engaging, thought-provoking and interactive.

Speech topic 1

“What Do People Say About You
When You Leave the Room?”

How To Influence the Conversation

What kind of impression do you make on others?
What do you want to be known for?

In this eye-opening workshop or keynote, audience members will:

Learn how to pro-actively communicate their strengths and val­ues with every move they make.

Discover how to harness the power of a personal brand and how to let others know what they do best.

Get inspired to build ‘brand equity’ to propel their path up the career ladder, starting today.

Speech topic 2

“The Power of Executive Presence”

How to Grow Your Confidence, Expand Your Influence and Earn Your Next Promotion

Communicating a confident executive presence can be crucial to your career success.
Studies have shown “executive presence” counts for 26% of what it takes to get promoted.
Other studies show that only 45% of women believe ‘executive presence’ is important to promotion.

In this interactive workshop or keynote, audience members will learn:

The four characteristics most crucial to developing “executive presence.”

How to “command the room” with one simple move you already know how to do.

Breakthroughs in neuroscience on how to “read” what other people truly mean.

I customize my talks to your group, so you get real-life scenarios that pertain to you and your business. I also address leadership communication, managing your emotions, and high-stakes workplace conversations.


“Margo not only ‘hit the mark’ with what business women needed to hear, but left us encouraged and inspired to move forward with new enthusiasm and confidence to take our business to the next level.”

~ Deb Sogge, Executive Director
Sammamish Chamber of Commerce

“I found Margo’s style to be exceptionally clear, well-paced and full of use information to inspire change. Margo illustrated her points both visually and verbally and then asked us to do our own think work. She was able to evoke deep and clear thinking in participants in a very short time – a testament to her significant experience and excellent understanding of the coaching profession. Her enduring positive attitude and humor is also very much appreciated. I left her session with a feeling of calm,
inspi­ration and greater self-knowledge.”

~ Janet Livingstone
Coach, Facilitator, Consultant

“Margo Myers made us look good. It made my day when she accepted the request to speak for our Women’s Conference and it made my year as Chairwom­en for the event, when she spoke. I am still
receiving compliments for bringing her in as the Keynote! The business women immediately
connected with Margo!”

~ Sharon Sentena
Banker (retired)

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