From my Winemaker Friends…..

September 2, 2011

I received this press release from illustrious local winemaker Bob Betz about the benefits of drinking wine! (Of course, Bob says he knew it all along). But as we head into this Labor Day weekend, and you’re considering a glass of… Read more

It’s Not an Easy Job….. but it’s fun!

August 30, 2011

So a lot of people wonder about my transition from broadcast news to PR, and what it’s like. They ask me if I have a lot more time? (Not really, and in PR, you’re always on call!) Do I miss… Read more

June Disappeared, Hopes for July!

July 3, 2011

This is what I WISH the month of June looked like! With me — right smack in the middle of that warm sand getting ready to wade into some clear aquamarine water! In reality, June in Seattle was about as… Read more

Fitness Fans of America

June 9, 2011

One of my friends just started a new business to help kids learn how to get healthy!! If you have children, and want to improve their fitness, you might want to check it out! Fight Childhood ObesityThis Summer with Fitness… Read more

On Being A Leader

May 16, 2011

What makes a great leader? I’ve been giving this some thought this week as I’ll be speaking, along with one of my business partners from GoGirl Academy, founder Suzanne Keel-Eckmann, to a class of young women leaders in the UW… Read more

Why we live here!

May 2, 2011

On gorgeous sunny days… it’s simple to see why we live here. Forget the gray, the damp, the cold — THIS is what it’s all about (even if I wish it was 20 degrees warmer)! I love flat calm water,… Read more

Breaking News — Betz Family Winery Sold!

April 7, 2011

Big news from my friends Bob and Cathy Betz — they have sold the winery!! Bob will stay on as winemaker. Here’s the release straight from Bob: Betz Family Winery Looks to the Future Woodinville, April 6, 2011  The Betz… Read more

Building Awareness Can be a Process!

April 6, 2011

Fame doesn’t come overnight. I always explain to clients that PR is a process. Stories build upon the initial story and branch out from there. And if you have a good story, it WILL get told and picked up. For… Read more

Is Your Life Balanced?

April 4, 2011

The busy seasons begins… and it seems like the month of April is off and running!!! As activities and events pick up dramatically, it’s time to ask whether we are maintaining some type of balance in our lives. I’m not… Read more

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