Theme for 2014? Celebrate Success

Celebrate Success

2014 is the year to celebrate success. Cheers to your accomplishments – large or small.

Do you have a theme for 2014? It’s not something I typically do, but this year, I want to celebrate success — primarily the success of those around me. Whether large or small, successes, accomplishments, promotions, and results are something to be celebrated! We all work hard. How often do we really stop to consider (and be grateful for) what we achieve? How often do we stop to recognize others’ achievements?

Success is defined as ‘the achievement of intention.’ You set out to complete a task and the result is a favorable outcome. So this year, I want to celebrate YOUR successes. It’s not about me, but about you and your goals, and how you achieve them.

I’m a firm believer that a rising tide lifts all boats. By nature, I’m a ‘glass half full’ kind of person who’s perpetually optimistic. I believe the coming year is going to bring great things. Success (however YOU define it) is a journey, not a destination.

Let’s make 2014 a year to celebrate success and the moves we make along the way to get there!

Margo Myers, Principal, Margo Myers Communications


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