Where’s the sunshine and warmer weather?

Newer update: 5:25pm, and it’s hailing AGAIN!! Hard. Isn’t it May?

Update: Obviously the weather gods are laughing!! First, hail, at 1:20pm, and now, it’s absolutely dumping rain. Keep your fingers crossed for next weekend!

Gray is getting to be depressing. I was so glad to see sunshine this morning when I woke up. Of course, it followed a stormy night of rain and nearly 50 mph wind gusts, and the wind is still blowing this morning. But — I see sun. And a little bit of blue sky between the large, puffy white clouds. Finally!

Rough weekend. My husband and I wanted to take out the boat this weekend, anchor out, try the generator and some other equipment, and have a nice, quiet weekend. Now please understand, my husband is a captain and will go out in just about anything. I’m not, and I won’t. I checked the marine forecast, and it called for winds up to 25 knots with seas up to 3-4 feet. Not nice if you’re trying to anchor out. Friday was fine. Saturday night (when the marine forecast called for nasty weather) actually would have been fine. Sunday would have been a little rough. Needless to say, we barbecued at the boat, and slept at home.

Sunday gray. I normally don’t complain (a lot anyway) about the weather. But I am SOOOOO ready for nicer weather. Sunday was just flat out depressing. Gray, cold, windy. Where’s a break once in awhile? Anyone else tired of this weather? You can probably tell it’s making me crabby.

Mother’s Day weekend is coming. I’m not asking for anything for Mother’s Day other than nice weather for a barbecue with friends and family on Saturday night. Weather gods, are you listening? Hope so.

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