The Power of Presence: Define your brand grow your confidence and expand your influence.

What can I expect from Margo's workshops?

What can I expect from Margo's workshops?

The focus of my workshops is on defining a personal brand, developing an executive presence, perfecting presentation skills and insider tips to effective networking — all of which help to
develop a leadership presence. The topic of your workshop is for us to decide together. Read further to see my top 4 Workshop topics, or we can determine a custom workshop lesson for your team.

We can combine all four workshop topics into a day-long interactive workshop so participants can learn how to: proactively communicate what they want to be known for, project a confident presence when interacting with clients and colleagues, hone their presentation and speaking skills, and network more effectively, both internally and externally, to build valuable contacts.

Workshop 1

Define Your Personal Brand

Defining a personal brand will help your team more clearly
communicate what they want to be known for, and the results they want to deliver in the workplace. Attendees will learn the importance of identifying their ‘superpower’ or brand, why it matters for individuals, and how to proactively communicate their strengths and values within the organization.

We’ll do an exercise to define their personal brand statement so that they can begin to effectively communicate it. We’ll also examine ways to leverage their brand throughout the organization.

Workshop 2

Develop Your Executive Presence

Communicating a confident presence can be critical to an employee’s success to improve their influence, and how they’re perceived. Employees will learn tips about positive body language, stance, properly shaking hands, and the elemental neuroscience behind reading others’ body language.

We’ll discuss what the ‘unconscious mind’ picks up from others to help them correctly read situations. Part of the workshop will be interactive to create awareness of what they are projecting through their own body language, appearance, and workspace. (Based on Amy Cuddy, Harvard researcher, and Nick Morgan, author)

Workshop 3

Perfect Your Presentation Skills

Public speaking is a skill critical to leadership success. Voice, tone, and inflection all work together to create an executive presence.
We will discuss audience, content, logistics, and key tips around physical delivery. We’ll also discuss calming nerves, and how to use that energy effectively.

Each participant is asked to present a brief talk to the group. Then we debrief after public speaking section to discuss tips to improve their experience. (The speeches are also a great way for your team to learn about each other in a way they might not normally share, helping them develop their cohort).

Workshop 4

Insider Tips to Effective Networking

A strong network of personal contacts is important to increasing influence within an organization. Employees will learn networking basics, including how to be comfortable when meeting new people; tips for starting conversation, and networking “do’s and don’ts.” We’ll also discuss strategies for effective networking for both
introverts and extroverts, and where to network.

We’ll conduct a brief networking exercise within the group, and provide feedback to participants.

Your Workshop Facilitator Margo Myers

Executive and Communications Coach Margo Myers

Executive and Communications Coach Margo Myers helps high achievers who are ready to get promoted and take their place as leaders making big impact. Her zone of genius includes communication and presentation skills, executive presence, and personal branding.

After spending 20+ years as an award-winning TV news anchor at KOMO TV and KIRO TV in Seattle, Margo knows what it’s like to work in high-visibility, deadline-driven environments with collaborative and diverse teams.

During her news career, she covered stories from the downfall of General Manuel Noriega in Panama, the Loma Prieta Earthquake near San Francisco, and the WTO riots in Seattle. She’s jumped out of planes, learned to scuba dive, flown with the Blue Angels, and danced with the Seattle Mariners’ groundskeepers, all in search of a great story.

Margo holds her coaching certification from the Hudson Institute in Santa Barbara, California. She’s earned her Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credential from the International Coach Federation, and graduated with honors from Washington State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism.

Margo serves on the Seafair Board of Directors and is a trusted advisor to
Washington State University’s Murrow Professional Advisory Board.

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