Behind the Scenes of Award Winning Wines

Bad on me. I forgot to add John David Cline of Video Chef Productions to my ‘go to’ list on the Seattle Wine Awards videos! He is the magic behind the camera and the editing. Please check out his website at      

Go behind the scenes. For wine lovers, who doesn’t like to learn the ‘secrets’ of making award winning wines? At the 2010 Seattle Wine Awards, I had the good luck to be asked to conduct interviews with some of the award winners — winemakers and winery owners alike, to learn what goes into making a great bottle of wine.

Passionate about grapes. Washington wines are terrific, and we are lucky to live in an area in which world-class grapes can be grown. From the Puget Sound region, to the better known Walla Walla and Red Mountain regions, Columbia Valley and Yakima Valley — vineyard owners have developed grapes from which beautiful, smooth and fruit-forward wines can be made without a lot of manipulation in the barrels. Many winemakers I talked with tell me they want to let the grapes speak for themselves — and top quality grapes often translate into top quality wines.

Seattle Wine Awards videos. If you want to know more about some of the award winning wines from the 2010 Seattle Wine Awards, checkout and search 2010 Seattle Wine Awards. Ole Thompson, the former sommelier at Wild Ginger and now with Acme Wine Company, Arnie Millan of Esquin Wine Merchants and myself (merely a lover of good wine) interviewed a number of the top winemakers to learn what goes into making fine wine, as well as where to find and taste the wines. It’s an easy way to learn the ‘secrets’ of some of Washington’s top winemakers! Check out the list of winners at

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