KCSARC Breakfast — 23 years and counting!

Early on March 1st, 930 people came together to take a stand against sexual assault in our community. It marks the 23rd annual ‘Kids Are Our Business’ Breakfast for the King County Sexual Assault Resource Center. It never ceases to amaze me what tremendous support KCSARC receives from people in the community, elected officials, prosecutors and victim advocates, and I have to say — I’m proud to be a part of it. Sexual assault and abuse has no place in ANY community. And I am inspired by the survivors who display their courage, sharing their stories and how they’ve overcome such difficult crimes against them.

This breakfast was my 10th year emceeing this event. It has grown over the years, and I think this year was one of our best efforts. There is progress being made, and all the support over the years is driving that progress. KCSARC is on the front line of serving survivors, helping shape public policy, and starting the conversation in order to end any stigma associated with sexual abuse and assault. The goal was to raise $375,000 and we are close! So far, people have contributed $366,000 to KCSARC from this year’s breakfast, and I am confident the goal will be reached.

Congratulations to ED Mary Ellen Stone, Alix Compton, Jeff Pyatt, and the rest of the KCSARC staff for a job well done! And thanks to Jennifer Richard Photography for the photo!

Margo Myers, Principal, Margo Myers Communications

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